It seems like we've tried everything.

People have filled school canteens with carrot sticks and built healthy-eating messages into pyramids.** But we’ve still got a long way to go.

It’s about time we asked kids what they actually think!

If we’re going to make vegetables appeal to a new generation of Australians, we’ll have to take a fresh approach. One that puts kids in charge and helps them make better choices for themselves… and hopefully, help themselves to a serve of sprouts.

Turns out kids don't care so much about strong bones or dietary fibre.

(For now they've got bigger concerns like: who's playing Four Square at lunch)

But they are curious about the world. And they want to have some fun while they're trying to understand their place in it.

Teachers told us what they needed too.

A teacher herself, Alice knew how important it was to create something that could enliven classrooms whilst being easy to action.

(without expensive new books or equipment)

Less schtick,
more carrot

Kids want to run harder, think faster and achieve more.

So let's give them something phenomenal that helps them do it.


Curriculum-aligned episodes, lesson plans and activities, created with kids, for kids (and their teachers and parents) that transports them from classrooms onto tall ships, deep down inside worm farms, and back out through interstellar wormholes.

Flipping food education on its head (then poking its tongue out while the blood rushes to its face)

Featuring an anarchic mix of live action, animation and an illustrious guest list, it’s a show that kids will want to watch in class and re-watch at home. Combining the history of cuisine and agriculture with lessons about art, maths, psychology and science, the classes are designed to be integrated into existing lessons for Yr 3-6.

The emphasis is always on exploration, cooperation, tactile experience and taste. After all, every culture shares the simple ritual of sitting down to eat.

It’s the perfect launching pad for a richer understanding of the world.

Phenomenom is available now as: episodes, an interactive site, and downloadable resources. All free!

Phenomenom has been designed to talk with its audience, rather than at them, and put kids in control of their own future.

And it might just help the next generation rethink veggies for good.

Proudly brought to you by Alice Zaslavsky + Hort Innovation.

*ABS Health Survey 2014-2015

2** Research shows that talking about the health benefits of vegetables actually has a negative effect on how much kids expect to like them.